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This community is for Pagans as the name states, we welcome all beliefs but our basis is all Earth. Pagan UnderWorld is not a place for Cosmic Intelligent discussions but rather what is Earth bound, human and animal alike.  While all these followings have interesting beliefs we ourselves want to focus as much information as possible on what the human has right in front of them, learn to bring out the magic we carry within us and to trust our own instincts.

Teach our children about being responsible for themselves and trusting their instincts, allowing them to feel the Earth with their hands, honing into their intuition. As you learn, they learn, we have so much about Earth based beliefs here and many quality individuals to bring you reality and truth within these.

Please come and enjoy the quality of words and study along with a healthy debate, but also understand we are not here to have a existential discussion, we are here to bring information on Paganism in all forms.

Thank you and Blessings to you all, Persephone



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